Look Great with the HCG Diet Adelaide

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If you want to follow the HCG diet Adelaide, you should strictly avoid certain foods and carry on with an exercise regimen. The specialty of the HCG diet is that it is low in calories and uses the HCG hormone which helps patients lose weight rapidly. HCG targets the abnormal and excessive adipose tissues without focusing on the structural fat which is crucial for the body. The HCG hormone works by changing the metabolic process of the body, because it usually tricks the body into believing that it is pregnant. Once the body is forced into consuming a low calorie diet, it starts using up the stored fats and ingredients.

Those who have followed the HCG diet Adelaide have been able to lose about 20 lbs within 40 days. Once you have been clinically supervised, you can try the HCG diet. One thing that you need to remember while following the HCG diet is that you should have a persistent weight. If you have plateaued with your present weight loss programs, you can also benefit from changing your metabolic rate with the BCG diet plan. The HCG plan is different from the present day OTC medications. There have been many over the counter products to fight obesity.

What the HCG diet Adelaide Treatment Involves

If you are a resident of Adelaide, make sure to see an HCG diet expert who has the license. They can offer medical supervision through the duration of the program.

  • Phase I: This is the preparatory phase and is comprised of instructions like more of water intake everyday, walking for about an hour everyday, following a recommended HCG diet for cleansing the body and taking breadfruit and apples.
  • Phase II: This phase starts with the dieter increasing their food intake and taking in everything they find. This helps increase the energy levels through the next couple of weeks. This carries on until 3 days, after which the diet is replaced by taking 500 calories. It is known as the VLCD or very low calorie diet. This phase may last between 26 and 46 days on the basis of the weight the dieter intends to lose.
  • Phase III: In this part of the HCG diet Adelaide, you need to dedicate 3 weeks for the best results. The dieter can consume normal and healthy foods which lack sugars and artificial sweeteners. Some of the elements which are strictly prohibited in this diet menu include fast foods, cold drinks and trans fats.
  • Phase IV: This phase is known as the post HCG diet or the maintenance phase. In this phase, the dieter has attained their diet goal successfully and carries on with their new lifestyle which is replete with a healthy eating habit, a fresh relationship with the food and a few lifestyle changes such as an exercise program on a regular basis.

This is when the effects of the HCG diet Adelaide program starts showing the maximum results. You may follow the above diet or any of its variations to attain the best results.