HCG EZ drops reviews


One of the most popular dietary supplements is HCG EZ drops. Recently, the HCG EZ drops have become the best seller products in the weight loss industry. HCH EZ drops are made from clinically proven ingredients that make this popular very effective for weight loss. So what makes this product the best choice in the market? Let’s find out in this HCG EZ drops reviews.

What is HCG EZ drops?

This is a weight loss product that is distributed by Escape The Matrix LLC. This product does not contain any hormones but relies on the amino acid complex instead. The HCG EZ drops are liquid supplements, so the users do not need to undergo painful injections. The heath benefits of this HCG EZ drops include appetite suppression, fat burning, increased metabolic rate, and muscle growth.

What the HCG EZ ingredients?

The HCG EZ Drops is an amino based supplement, unlike homeopathic drops. It contains 100% natural ingredients that have been clinically proven. HCG EZ drops contain active ingredients that include; L-Ornithine, L-Carnitine, Chromium, L-Glutamine, Beta-Alanine, Tryptophan, and Tyrosine.

It also includes herb extracts such as grapefruit powder, African mango, green tea lead, maca powder, blue algae, grapeseed, guarana, ginger root, capsicum, Garcinia cambogia, and ginseng.

How does HCG EZ drops work?

The HCG EZ drops utilize the amino acids and the slimming ingredients to aid in losing excess weight. For instance, guarana, green tea, Beta-Alanine, capsicum, L-carnitine, and Garcinia are thermogenic agents that boost energy and metabolism to increase the fat-burning process. Also, African mango and chromium are appetite suppressants that result in reduced food intake.

Moreover, L-ornithine reduces body fat while promoting muscle growth. It becomes very effective when combined with L-Carnitine and L-Arginine.

On the other hand, L-Glutamine helps preserve muscle tissue during the low-calorie diet. Therefore, you will not lose muscle tissues while using HCG EZ drops.

Are HCG EZ drops safe?

No side effects or complaints have been reported by customers who use HCG EZ drops. However, the supplement contains some stimulants such as Guarana and Green Tea. Such ingredients may cause mild side effects to people who are allergic to caffeine. Fortunately, these ingredients are in small amounts and reduce the risk of side effects.

Also, the use of HCG EZ drops is associated with very low-calorie diet that may pose risks to some people. If you have problems with very low-calorie diet, you should consult your doctor for advice.

What is the recommended dosage for HCG EZ drops?

You should place 20 drops on your tongue in the morning and another 20 drops in the afternoon. Then hold the liquid for about 2 minutes before swallowing. You should not drink anything just before or after the taking HCG EZ drops. Take care not to exceed the recommended dosage unless advised by your physician.

Customer review

There are thousands of positive reviews from customers who have used this product for weight loss. Most of these dieters claim to have achieved their weight loss goals within few weeks of using HCG EZ drops. One customer claims to have lost over 30 pounds in less than four weeks.


HCG EZ drops have gained popularity as one of the most efficient weight loss supplement in the market. People who have used this product are satisfied and recommend other people to use it in their weight loss program.