HCG Diet Program in the Australian Market

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The HCG diet is a program which utilizes the use of diet drops for losing weight in a fast and extremely rapid manner. This means that the one using it must sustain a diet of 500 calories per day, in conjunction with the HCG drops. The drops will put into effect the shedding of the fat calories as opposed to food calories. Although this diet plan has been disputed, and arguments have been raised surrounding this weight loss plan, suppliers around the globe are procuring more and more of this controversial dietary supplement.

Australia is one of the few countries that are producing and selling HCG products to the public. In fact, revenues have increased in the retail of this much coveted weight loss diet plan. Much controversy has been at hand for the Aussies as well but it is still one of the best selling supplements in the Australian market. So, if you are living in Australia or if you want to purchase these products from them, there are a lot of suppliers in the market out there to choose from. You can either obtain it in a city, town or suburb areas in the country. These suppliers will send it to you directly, with no import delays. Accredited pharmacies and healthcare institutions are selling this kind of products provided that you have proper prescription. You can even buy it through the internet. It’s just a matter of searching for the right one.

Although the HCG diet program is still a big issue in terms of efficacy and safety, the Australian Health Board Authorities are encouraging the suppliers and distributors about the rightful manner and discretion in the giving of prescription for those who wish to purchase such product. It is a prescription drug and healthcare professionals are hopeful that practitioners and suppliers will ensure quality, consistency, and efficacy in producing these drugs. One can easily sell anything with a few copied words and borrowed pictures. Individual client support is imperative as what the scientist Dr. Simeon’s plan was on this matter. This is why practitioners support Dr. Simeon’s aspirations and is establishing a growing network of trained naturopathic professionals. These individuals can appropriately provide the necessary prescription to those who wanted to purchase the product for their quest for weight loss and healthier lifestyle.