HCG Diet Plan

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Positive results, happy patients and breathtaking weight reduction are often associated with the HCG diet plan. The diet plan was started in the 1950’s by Dr. A.T.W Simeons. His research was focused on how to treat starvation and obesity and how they are related to each other. His research was conducted in India, where there are very obvious gap between rich and poor. The right diet plan is very important to ensure that HCG would work properly. This is also to save you from possible negative effects of the supplements. Though the negative effects or side-effects are not that much of a threat, it is still very important to observe and follow what the experts have established.

The phases of HCG diet plan:

Phase 1

This is commonly the most neglected phase of the whole diet plan but probably the most important. This phase is associated with high fat and high caloric intake for two to three days while taking HCG. This is the beginning of the regimen and this is absolutely critical to the success of the plan. As the body attempts to gather new lipids and fat cells, the hormone will then to work by stopping the body from doing so. Once you have started the diet plan, these newly rallied fats and lipids will result in rapid weight loss.

Phase 2

If phase one is the most neglected, phase two has been considered as the most challenging phase for dieters. This is because it requires strict caloric intake between 500-700 calories per day. This phase of the diet plan requires great discipline to do so.

Dieters are required to have liquid meals such as coffee and tea for breakfast and two major meals for lunch and dinner. Examples of food items that are OK to be taken during this phase include lean protein, chicken and fish.

Phase 3

This is the most favorite period of the dieters, this is the REST period. Caloric intake of up to 1200 – 1500 per day is resumed. However, the low fat and no milk portion of the diet still remains. This is to keep the body free from external unnatural hormones. This phase is initiated after about 43 to 60 days. During this phase, HCG intake is halted.

This is just summary of the phases.